Building a wardrobe: Bermuda shorts

With summer just a stone’s throw away, it’s time to think about your warm weather wardrobe.  Bermuda shorts are a great place to start.  They can go from casual to dressy.  These classic shorts are very versatile and the perfect piece to take on weekend getaways.

Pair with:

T-shirts:  This one is a no-brainer.  We all have our favorite t-shirts.  I get that special shopper’s high when I find the trinity of all t-shirts.  Those are the ones with the optimal combination of fit, softness and style.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, in fact, my favorite t-shirts tend to have a worn in, vintage vibe.  My old Queen concert t-shirt is one of my favorites, I feel kind of hip when I wear it.  Unfortunately, my teenage daughter has taken possession of said t-shirt, so I need to find a new one to get that “hip” feeling back (and I’m not talking about bursitis).

Navy and White Stripes:  This quintessential summer pattern is the perfect accent for living near the water.  I used to think that this traditional pattern was relegated to the standard crew neck style shirt.  However, this season I have seen soooo many fun shapes and styles of my favorite nautical print.  So, whatever your fancy is, there is a navy and white stripe shirt out there that you simply can’t live without!

Button-up Dress Shirt:  This closet basic does not have to be relegated to the office.  Try a linen or cotton-tencel blend in a fun pastel color or summer plaid for a fresh look.  Rolling up the sleeves adds an instant beachy feel.

Silk Blouse:  My current obsession is with silk blouses.  The obsession is partly due to the 10 year hiatus I took from silk blouses during my kids’ ‘sticky finger stage’.  Now that I have the all clear, I am a woman possessed.  I love the way they drape and instantly make an outfit look polished.

vince chrysanthemum blouse

Tropical/Floral:  This season the style gods have gifted us with some beautiful floral print tops!  From the navy and white gardenia print blouse from Vince (shown above) to the brilliant blue and white chrysanthemum blouse from 0039 Italy (top of page), the options are endless.

Cardigan:  From cotton to featherweight cashmere, cardigans are one of the many layer options for PNW summers.  While cardigans traditionally go with a classic styled wardrobe, they also look lovely over an embellished boho camisole.  Another fun option is pairing this pink light-weight wool cardigan with this colorful all over blossoms print in red, rose and violet.  Together, this pair from 0039 Italy guarantees an impressive appearance.


Linen Poncho:  Whether it’s black or a blue and tan ikat print, a linen poncho can actually be quite chic.  They are fun to accessorize, comfortable and flattering, fitting for countless occasions.

All of these styles, and more are at Quinn and Foster, located in Downtown Bellingham at 128 W. Holly Street.

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