Antler Baking Co.

Bellingham has a diverse community of local bakers. One of the many benefits of working on the BellinghamSTYLE blog collaborations is that I get to meet some crazy-talented bakers through blog collaborations.

Meet Veronica Stendahl. As the owner of Antler Baking Co.  she is my current go-to when I’m in the mood for something sweet.  It doesn’t hurt that Antler Baker Co. is less than two blocks away from where I work!!  I’m still dreaming of her dark chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter swirl frosting, chocolate ganache, and toasted peanuts, all I can say is “double yum!”  Veronica’s creations combine a rustic style with complex flavor fusions.  What truly sets Antler Baking Co. apart from the crowd is her use of complex flavors (liquor, unique spices, teas, etc.).

What is Antler Baking Co. all about:

  • Booze infused into everything!  This is a result of working for years as a bartender.
  • Seasonal flavors.  This is a no-brainer, considering all of the fresh berries and other local delicacies.
  • Everything is made from scratch.
  • Balanced flavors so that her treats aren’t too sweet.
  • A rustic feel with the semi naked and naked cakes.
  • Veronica loves to add flowers, giving her creations an artistic touch.
  • Tall cakes for that WOW factor.
  • Creative and delicious gluten free options.

Antler Baking Co.’s roots began at the Bellingham Farmers Market in July of 2017 selling cakes and pies by the slice.  The market exposure led to wedding and custom orders, thus inspiring her to opening a small retail store.  While Antler Baking Co. currently resides inside the Woods Coffee/Flatiron Building on Prospect, Veronica still takes customer orders and sells at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

Veronica has always enjoyed baking, and loves experimenting with new flavor combinations.  More importantly, she loves to make people happy with a delicious treat to brighten their day.  Veronica feels so fortunate to be living her dream and is excited to be sharing it with Bellingham.  One of her long-term goals is to be able to help other young entrepreneurs, especially girls, to develop their own dreams and making them a reality.

Amy Slusher Photos

For the BellinghamSTYLE Blog’s debut event (click here to see the blog post), Veronica baked two different cupcakes.  The first was her famous southern carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and buttermilk glaze and the second choice was a dark chocolate cupcake with earl grey chiffon frosting and sea sal caramel sauce.  Given the color scheme of sage, lavender, blush and cream, she envisioned a spring garden tea party.  So, she focused on flavors that felt like spring to her:

  • Carrot; garden fresh, not too sweet with a little spice to welcome the sun.
  • Earl Grey, spring, tea party, light mauve color, light and fluffy texture, perfect compliment for any party.

Veronica’s cupcakes were a lovely taste experience and visual perfection.

Antler Baking Co.
10 prospect st
Bellingham, Washington 98225
(360) 584-6839

2 thoughts on “Antler Baking Co.

  1. Veronica made the wedding cake and cupcakes for my daughter’s wedding. They were FABULOUS! Not only in taste , but also in presentation. I also had her make my husband a birthday cake. He is a ” chocolate snob” and I ordered her 6 layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting. My husband said, ” It was the most delicious, moist chocolate cake he has ever tasted.” “The perfect balance of chocolate richness and sweetness.” Thank you Veronica. Would highly recommend Antler Bakery for any of your dessert needs.


  2. I am not a cake person but this was amazing! A very,very chocolatey cake. Not too sweet . A perfect balance of flavors. It was also nicely decorated- not fussy. Simple and elegant.


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