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When it comes to having photos of our loved ones, it is more than just a picture, it’s about capturing a moment or documenting an experience.  And that is what Amy Slusher does.


Amy is a photographer that specializes in Senior portraits.  In writing this blog post, I realized that this is a full circle moment in my friendship with Amy.  We met when her youngest, Sage, and my oldest, Carson, were in preschool together.  It’s been fun watching the kids grow, and now they are Seniors in High School.  How did that happen?  Where did the time go?  Seriously, I’m wondering how these two little people grew up and are almost out of the house??

When starting a new business, it’s not uncommon to take a subject, such as photography, and start out broad….just taking photos.  However, becoming successful is often the result of finding a niche that works for you and honing in on it.  This is particularly important when it comes to being a photographer.  Becoming a Senior Portrait Photographer was a natural progression for Amy.  She has alway been very involved with her children’s activities and volunteering at their schools.  So, not only does she know the students, but their parents know and trust her!  Plus, Amy has the perfect combination of talent, creativity, vision and patience (which is often needed when working with teenagers)!

What Inspires Amy:

  • Family…She tries to hold onto every memory she can.  The present becomes the past too quickly, and it’s important to cherish those images through the years.
  • Everything! Seriously! She can drive down the road and is constantly taking snapshots in her head and scouting locations.  Her kids are sooooo tired of hearing her say how great location after location is.
  • Other photographers and creatives!  Amy feels so lucky to live in a place with so many incredible artists and creatives!  She truly loves the opportunity to get to work with them,  firmly believe in Community over Competition.
Slusher family
Q&A with Amy:

When did you go from just taking pictures to becoming a photographer?

“About 3 1/2 yrs ago.  When I was 10 I got my first point and shoot 110.  I’ve always wanted to  capture those memories to hang onto them.  Being a portrait photographer was just a natural progression for me.”

What kind of photography?

“I still do family portraits, newborns, maternity, and kids, but my heart is the fullest when I’m working with High School Seniors.”

Tell me about your family, do they influence you?

“Yes! My husband Trent, and our 3 kids (who aren’t really kids anymore), Riley, Kameron and Sage. My youngest is a senior this year. Next year they’ll all be in college at the same time! They’ve grown up way too fast. I’ve tried to document every step of our journey to this point. My husband and I also own, Slusher Homes & Remodeling and it’s fun to be able to express myself through interior design on the Homes we build. Plus, Real Estate photos are a close runner up to Senior photography.”

Why seniors?

“They are so much fun to be around and they are willing to try whatever I ask them.”

What does a Senior Shoot look like?

“Depends on the Senior, but a lot of the girls go get hair and makeup done and then we head out to the location of their choice and shoot for 2-3 hours.  We have some incredible locations around us here in Bellingham.”

When do senior need to get pictures done?

“Book a session now! Yearbook deadlines are usually the end of October.  So, the sessions take place now through September.”

What’s a Senior Rep program?

“I get asked this all the time. Every year I recruit a group of incoming Seniors to Represent my photography at the various local high schools. This year I’ve got a group of 8 incredible girls who I’ll be working with on styled and collaborative photo shoots with local vendors. I get to dream up themed shoots and they get to model for me. We do some volunteer work in the community as part of the Rep program as well. It’s all so much fun! I love working with this age group.”

Why teens?

“They are so much fun to be around and they’re usually willing to try whatever I ask them.  I love encouraging them to reach deep and find their inner strength and beauty.  And feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera. It’s rewarding to prove to them through photographs that they are beautiful and perfect the way they are.  That’s my goal anyway.”

In looking at the future of “Amy Slusher, Photography”, Amy wants to do more than just portraits.  Senior year in high school is all about experiences.  How fun would it be to document those experiences with friends and teammates?  Think about homecoming tailgate parties or a trip to the pumpkin patch or Christmas tree farm.  The possibilities are endless.

 A great example of a “Senior Experience” is the backyard s’mores party that we recently shot for the blog.  The girls had fun doing chalk art on the sport court, playing volley ball and badminton and of course, roasting marshmallows.  Stay tuned to see the full post documenting this fun event.
Amy Slusher
Checkout Amy’s Facebook, Amy Slusher Photography, and Instagram pages, @amyslusherphotograhpy and @slusherhomesdesignimages to see what a truly talented photographer she is!

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  1. Amy did some family pictures for us a few years ago and we couldn’t be happier with the results! We got some really great poses I haven’t seen other places.

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