Søt Bake Shop

Let’s see a show of hands, how many of you wish your moms would have let you eat dessert for breakfast?  That’s what I thought!  Even as adults, we still have it ingrained in ourselves that dessert is not for breakfast.  Well, alert the media!!  I have found a loophole that will send all mothers into a tizzy!!!
Jennifer Johnson, the talent behind Søt Bake Shop, has this thing about creating breakfast cupcakes.  According to Jenn, she can come up with literally any reason to eat cake for breakfast.  Now that is a concept that I can stand behind!  Not only are these treats tasty, but they have a whimsical factor that will have all of the neighbor kids beating a path to your doorway.  You can see a few examples here on her Instagram page.

Søt Bake Shop was one of the gracious local creatives that contributed to the BellinghamSTYLE’s blog debut event (see here and here).  I asked all of the creatives, that participated in the debut event, about the inspiration behind their business.  Here’s what Jennifer had to say:

“As a little girl growing up in the plains of Montana, my cultural exposure when it came to food was limited to corned beef and cabbage Saturdays and the occasional “Oriental” Hamburger Helper night. But visits to my grandmother’s house were different. She was a thin, elegant woman who chain-smoked 100s and served us caviar on crackers. Having fled the Nazis during WWII, my grandmother emigrated to the Midwest from Olso, Norway, where much of my extended family still lives today. I hear I look just like them, pale with light eyebrows that make strangers ask, “…does that lady HAVE eyebrows..?”  Bjorg’s food was exotic to me. I loved waking up early in the morning with her to watch the birds outside of her kitchen window, and sometimes she would sneak me a cookie out of her ceramic cookie jar that sat at the end of the counter…….
…….Søt Bake Shop (pronounced sote) is an homage to her and her homeland. My partner, David and I make cakes, cookies and desserts of all kinds, but whenever we can, we try to add a little Scandinavian flair. It keeps her alive. And besides, who doesn’t love a good krumkake now and then?”

For Søt Bake Shop’s collaboration with BellinghamSTYLE, they created Buttermilk and Lavender Cupcakes with their signature Homespun Honey Buttercream (what I like to call grade A comfort food). The butter in the frosting is homemade, and the violas are organic and edible. The macarons are also lavender flavored, as are the small cookies, which are covered in homemade fondant. Since local ingredients are a priority for them, this dessert included:

  • Lynden’s Twinbrook Creamery (cream)
  • Acme’s Sunseed Farm (violas)
  • Custer’s Grace Harbor Farms (buttermilk)

And let me tell you, these cupcakes were heavenly!!  Thanks, again, Jennifer for you decadent contribution!

Check out Søt Bake Shop:

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