Travel Essentials

Woo-hoo!!  It’s Spring Break time across the nation!!  While I sometimes miss the days of partying MTV style, I always look forward to the relaxing in the sun part!!  Whether you are traveling to San Fransisco for an extended weekend, or hopping across the Pacific to the tropical islands of Hawaii, you should definitely travel in comfort and style!!

Getaway Bag

This is a must have for the stylish traveler and is my go-to bag of choice. It has even made more trips to Hawaii with me than my kids have! (Sshhh, Mother’s Day is coming up and if this information is leaked to my children, I may not get my traditional breakfast in bed….so mum’s the word).

The Getaway bag is specifically designed with travel in mind. It has multiple compartments and room to hold all of your travel necessities, including the following:

  • A side pocket for your bottle of water.
  • An inside pocket that zips.
  • Easy reach pockets for your cell phone and snacks.
  • Plenty of space for a change of clothes, which I like to store in gallon ziplock bag. This way you have a place to put wet shirt after you spill your complimentary drink all over yourself.

You can find the Getaway bag, and other bags that suit your travel needs at Stella & Dot.

Travel Size Toiletry Kit

Whatever personal products that you need to travel with, you should make sure that they are organized and easily accessible.  I use these Stella and Dot Poufs for my toiletries. 

Here is a list of what I keep in my toiletry kit:


Poufs are also perfect for holding your electronic cords, chargers. This way they stay together and don’t get all tangled up!

They also make the perfect ‘gift bag’. So I always make sure to keep a couple on hand for when I need a last minute birthday or hostess gift.

Small Crossbody Bag

Every traveler should have a small crossbody bag when traveling.  It’s optimal for when you are sightseeing, as it’s small and doesn’t weigh much.  The red bag, featured above, is one that I purchased a couple of years ago for my trip to Italy, and I absolutely love it!!

  • It has a great pop of color, and red tends to go well with my wardrobe.
  • The bag is small and lightweight, yet wide enough to hold the essentials (cellphone, sunglasses, wallet, lip balm, etc.)
  • It can easily fit inside my Getaway bag, thus I don’t have to count it as an additional carry-on when flying. Score!!

The crossbody bag featured, is from J Crew.   While they carry an assortment of crossbody bags, they currently don’t have this style.  Here is a similar style from Tory Burch in a lovely blush color.


Travel Wrap

Cashmere travel wraps (aka big scarves) aren’t just for the colder seasons. Light and airy cashmere scarves, as pictured above, are both luxurious and practical. They serve a multitude of purposes:

  • They can be used as an in flight blanket.
  • Are a perfect shawl on your tropical vacation, when the evenings tend to cool down a bit.
  • Can easily transform into a swimsuit coverup. I simply wrap mine around my hips and create a sarong.
  • And since it’s a feather weight cashmere, it wraps up neat and tidy. Thus, taking up very little space in your tote.

You can find Kinross Travel Wraps, locally, at Quinn and Foster.

And finally, no trip is complete without a beautiful, transcendent view! This amazing view is one that we enjoy on our trips to Hawaii. Special thanks to my Uncle Lynn for this picture and the other tropical photos in this post.

Happy Travels!!

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