Jaxstone Company: modern minimalist designs

Amy Slusher Photography

One of the many benefits of writing this blog is meeting new and inspiring business owners. People, like Rachel Jackson of Jaxstone Company, who take a bold leap, daring to define their own destiny. All while creating something beautiful and lasting in the process.

Not only is Rachel a true artist, she is also community minded. She takes the saying, “lift each other up,” seriously and is all about collaborating with other local creatives! Keep reading to hear what Rachel has to say about her business.

Amy Slusher Photography
Amy Slusher Photography
Amy Slusher Photography

What lead you to start making jewelry? Take us on a journey.

I have always made things. I am an artist, and was raised by an artist right here in Bellingham. I am obsessed with materials, I want function and beauty to co-exist all the time. 

I had just moved back to Bellingham about 6 years ago from Costa Rica and some other traveling, when I soon became pregnant with my daughter. Travel and motherhood informs what I make. It needs to be beautiful, function with movement – and most importantly be highly crafted in a taste that represents my design style and my brand values.

What inspired you to start your own business?  Do you ever think about having a store front?

I am the sole care taker of my daughter. I was raised by a single mother who was an artist and have always believed in the power of will and my talent. It takes a bit of a wild person to jump fully in. I think it’s important for my psyche and my lifestyle to be my own boss. 

I have thought about having a store front, but with that comes a lot of responsibilities that are not necessarily my strong suite. I am adventurous in nature and don’t want to have set hours determining where I am obligated to be. I coordinate Pop Ups at local breweries and am the founder of the Bellingham Handmade Market. The fluidity and unpredictability of this role suites my nature much better than a shop owner. 

Amy Slusher Photography
Amy Slusher Photography

What is your creative process like? 

I mostly think a lot. I am never not working. I want to make women’s lives simpler, I want more sustainability and I think I can truly help with these processes. I always feel like a boiling pot, even if it looks like nothing is happening, there is a constant rumble. And then- all of a sudden- all of the trying starts making sense, things connect that I have just been trusting in all along. I try to practice patience and gratitude above all else. I also find that inspiring others and building community feeds my process more than anything else. I really love people that are passionate and chase that presence constantly. 

Amy Slusher Photography

What are some of your favorite pieces that you have worked on? And what inspired them?

My Lady Boss Hoops and my Hairpin Studs. These came at different times of my life and represent different needs stylistically. There are almost representative of the dynamic personalities within me.

Kathryn Moran Photography

The Hairpin Studs are simple one piece threader stud style earrings that are meant for ease of function and fashion but provide a unique statement.

Kathryn Moran Photography

The Lady Boss Hoops are just what they sound like, they are 3 inch large gauge precious metal hoops. They can be worn everyday, but most likely by daring and striking women. They are a statement and are made to last a lifetime of outings and compliments. 

Amy Slusher Photography

What does the future hold for Jaxstone?

I hope that women continue to love my work and that I am considered heirloom style jewelry for sentimental events. I want to be your family friendly jeweler. 

Checkout Jaxstone’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaxstonecompany/

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