stīl/, noun. noun: style; plural noun: styles

  1. a manner of doing something.  “different styles of management”
    • Synonyms: manner, way technique, method, methodology, approach, system, mode, form, modus operandi;
    • a way of painting, writing, composing, building, etc., characteristic of a particilar period, place, person, or movement.
    • a way of using language
      • “he never wrote in a journalistic style”
    • a way of behaving or approaching a situation that is characteristic of or favored by a particular person.
      • noun: one’s style; plural noun: one’s styles
      • “backing out isn’t my style”
  2. a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.
    • “the pillars are no exception to the style”
    • a particular design in clothing.
    • Synonyms: fashion, trend, vogue, mode, “modern styles”
    • a way of arranging the hair.
  3. elegance and sophistication.
    • “a sophisticated nightspot with style and taste”
    • Synonymns: flair, stylishness, elegance, grace gracefullness, poise, polish, suaveness, sophistication, ubranity, chic, dash, panache.


Style is such a broad term, as evidenced by the definition.  However, society tends to give a relatively high level of specificity to the word.  We’ve all heard the saying, “she has so much style about her,” or something along those lines.  But what does that really mean?  Technically speaking, we all have style, and it’s our very own style.  As it should be.

So now that you are clear(?) about what style is or isn’t, how does that translate to what BellinghamSTYLE is about.

Since I’m using technical jargon, BellinghamSTYLE is a social media platform designed to provide “style” inspiration and local resources.

As a reader, you don’t need to be a style expert when it comes to fashion, home decor, beauty, party/event planning, etc.  What you do need to be, is you, to do things with your own flare and style, have fun while doing it (whatever “it” may be), and doing “it” with STYLE!

BellinghamSTYLE is here to help along the way!