Spring Decor: Bringing the Outdoors In

Okay, let’s get a show of hands, who changes up their decor with the seasons?  I find that it’s a refreshing way to tap into my ever-evolving creativity!!

Fresh and colorful new beginnings are what Spring is all about, and Mother Nature sure knows how to deliver!  Unfortunately, in the PNW we may need to wait longer than we wish, and then the appearance of sunshine and blossoming of botanical colors can be sporadic at best.  A great way to embrace the promise of Spring is to bring it indoors to enjoy.

Amy Slusher Photography

Setting the Foundation

Using garden style elements for your Spring dining room tablescape is as natural as the sky is blue.  And this moss table runner creates an ideal launching point for our Spring vignette and party decor.  It creates the perfect foundation to bring in bright colored fruit and flowers, reminiscent of an English garden.

Adding vintage china and colorful pottery to the mix gives the table an eclectic flea market vibe.  Thus, adding a nice juxtaposition to the fresh flowers and fruit.

Amy Slusher Photography

I wish I had more occasions to bring out my nice china and other ‘fancy’ entertaining pieces.  Going with a ‘Garden Party’ theme created the perfect landscape to combine my grandmother’s china along with my leafy green Italian pottery.  And they paired perfectly for the place setting, with the leaf plates adding a touch of texture and interest.

If I could go back and change one thing about the moss inspired table setting, it would be the place mats. My mother had some off-white linen place mats that went well with the decor and the fabric covered chairs.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough contrast between the place mats and the bone china.  In retrospect, a natural colored burlappy textured place mat, that is a bit darker in color, would have provided more visual interest. The round green placemats from the Greenhouse (shown further below) would fit the place-setting perfectly!!

If you’re new to entertaining and decorating your home, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Even after years of practice, I find things that I would have done differently.  That being said, what really matters is that your decor is a reflection of you, your family and what you love.

Lynn Wilson, Photographer

Let’s Get Real

By using natural elements, you automatically create an ever evolving and lush environment for your garden-inspired tablescape.  I had a lot fun creating the arrangement below, combining early spring primroses, strawberries, cascading grapes and rosemary for height.  Plus, it was the perfect opportunity to use this lovely Italian pottery.


The following are some of the items that you can use to create your own living arrangement:

  • Fresh fruit for color and texture.
  • Potted herbs or flowers are ideal to add some height.
  • Potted flowers, such as primroses or violets, for whimsy and color.
  • Add in some moss from your garden, and you’re good to go!

Many of these elements can go straight from the table to your garden.  This way you can enjoy them during the season and beyond.  It also keeps the fresh fruit accessible for pre-dinner grazing.

Fun Centerpieces

I’m always searching for creative yet elegant centerpieces. While at the same time paying homage to the what nature puts right in front of us. And this time of year, it’s the ever optimistic tulip!

There are so many creative ways to incorporate colorful vegetables with your floral arrangements.  I love this use of cabbage as a vase for tulips!  It’s relatively simple to create with these instructions, and will have your guests marveling at your creativity!!


There are several holidays, during Spring, that revolve around the dining room table. One of them happens to be Easter.  If you already have your Spring table decorated, then you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from having it Easter ready!  The oversized pink glass eggs and Fitz and Floyd duckling salt and pepper shakers add just the right touch to our Spring Vignette table.

Here are a few more ideas to consider:

  • Take chocolate Easter bunnies and display them on a white plate.  Add some decorative grass and scatter some jelly beans and wha-la, there’s your center piece.
  • Short on time, sprinkle chocolate easter eggs that are covered in brightly covered wrappings throughout your vignette.
  • Find some mini-baskets filled with jelly beans and use them as place card holders.
  • Have a few ceramic bunnies or chicks peaking around your centerpiece and other larger items around the table.
  • Fill an apothecary jar with some moss or Easter basket grass, then gently place your colored eggs in the jar.  A large jar can be your centerpiece, while several small jars can be spread out among your other decorations.

Don’t forget to get the kids involved!  Have them create place cards with festive pictures or decorate cupcakes that can be displayed on the table as well.  Just remember that anything goes and to have fun!!

Kailo Chic for Martha Stewart

Simply Irresistable

If you are the designated Hostess with the Mostess, then it’s only natural to want to up your game with something fun and whimsical.  This Pastel Rainbow Easter Egg centerpiece, by Kailo Chic for Martha Stewart, caught my eye and is perfect for those of you who want to add a bit of drama to your table.

I adore Kailo Chic’s consistent use of bright pops of colors in her seasonal decor.  And I’m aways a sucker for a gradient/rainbow effect!

Local Inspiration

The Greenhouse, located in downtown Bellingham, always has a great selection to decorate your seasonal tables.  They used the floral linen napkins as their inspiration piece.  The multiple colors allows them a wide breadth of accent options.  The subtle greens and blues are inspired by nature’s own landscape.  This allows the pops of yellow and pink to blossom, creating a warm and cheery table and a welcoming environment for your guests!

If you’re going to someone else’s place for Easter brunch, the Greenhouse has a great selection of hostess gifts.

  • The adorable bunny salt and pepper shakers that come with their own little wagon.
  • Bunny votive holders.
  • Chicks and ducks that add the perfect whimsical touch to any vignette.
  • Cloth napkins. Green is a great color, as it goes with most Spring place settings.
  • And candles galore!

Stay tuned for our Mother/Daughter Garden Party!

Special thanks to Lynn Wilson for the tulip photos.  His nature pictures are always so beautiful, creating the perfect launching point for indoor decor inspiration!


Amy Slusher Photos:

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The Greenhouse, BreAnne and Eric Green:

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